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Bodyguard Training For Virginia Beach City County

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Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell owner of ASI Consultants & Associates brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security protection, dignitary protection, bodyguard, executive protection, executive protection training to his ASI Bodyguard Training School.

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A Certificate of Completion for Executive Protection Training will be presented to each student upon completion of the 3-Day Training Course.

" Vision-Strength-Courage"

Virginia Beach City County Bodyguard Training

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What makes us different from others is "Experience and Understanding"

Our experienced and Certified Executive Protection Specialists will give you twice the quantity of training and knowledge of other companies for a fraction of the cost they are charging because we understand the economy and how it has effective you.

At ASI Consultants & Associates our Virginia Beach City County Bodyguard Training is distinctly different than most executive protection and bodyguard training schools. We focus on each student individually as our instructor to student ratio is much smaller than many of our competitors. By limiting our enrollment to no more than nine (9) students per class, we can offer more of an individualized learning environment.

Our Virginia Beach City County Bodyguard training is designed for entry-level novice looking to get started in the field and for those individuals who are looking for a refresher.

Who may attend our Virginia Beach City County bodyguard training?

  • Bodyguards – Veteran or Beginner
  • Private Individuals
  • Security Agencies
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Government Organizations

The three (3) day comprehensive Virginia Beach City County Bodyguard Protection course will provide you with the basic knowledge and the "Art of Executive Protection & Bodyguard techniques" which is designed to prepare you as a student for Dignitary Protection Operations, which are commonly used by Government Protection Agents, State Police and Highway Patrol Dignitary Protection Units responsible for protecting Governor's and other State dignitaries as well as corporate and the private sectors.

At ASI our Virginia Beach City County bodyguard training focuses on small Dignitary Protection units with combined realistic training scenarios. The scenarios are designed to test and evaluate the student as a member of a protective detail. On the 3rd day of the training the course will culminant with scenario based operations that are designed to test the student's ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned during the 3-day training.

As part of our commitment to you, all material needed for this course such as, handouts, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. shall be furnished. In addition, as our student, you will receive assigned ASI Academy training apparel which shall be worn during the live working Protection Detail exercise(s) and yours to keep upon completion of our three (3) day Virginia Beach City County Bodyguard training course.

Our Certified Executive Protection Specialist is a former twenty-five (25) year veteran State Police District Shift Commander, Former Lieutenant Governor Dignitary Protection Commander, Former Dignitary Protection Commander for Florida State Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson (currently Senator Bill Nelson) during Governor Jeb Bush’s’ 1999 Inauguration, a former Protective Advance Coordinator and the Former Commander in charge of the U.S. President and Vice President Motorcade Support Unit for the State Police in South Florida.

The three (3) day Virginia Beach City County Executive Protection / Bodyguard training course will provide you with the basic skill and principles to improve or start in the bodyguard field.



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